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Derek Humphry Derek Humphry founded the Hemlock Society 1980 and is an international spokesperson on the 'right to die'. The following books, the Final Exit video and other documents on the subject are available thru the ERGO-Store.

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Final Exit

FINAL EXIT: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying

Revised 3rd edition (updated 2010)
27 chapters & appendices/index 238 pages
Paperback $17.00 ISBN 0385336535
'Digital Edition' eBook PDF $17.00 ISBN 978-0-9637280-6-7

Unique step-by-step guidance in clear language for the terminally ill, competent adult wishing to know how to bring a painful life to a swift, dignified end. Talks about the legal, emotional, and family aspects. Suggested 'suicide note' explaining why. Important lethal drug dosage information, plus new illustrated guide to plastic bag and the helium hood suicide techniques. This book -- on the New York Times bestseller list for 18 weeks in 1991 -- is now regarded as the bible of euthanasia. It has been translated into twelve languages. Also available as an eBook PDF 'Digital Edition'.

Jean's Way

JEAN'S WAY: A Love Story

2003 printing with new preface
11 chapters 160 pages
Paperback $12.00 eBook PDF $6.00
ISBN 0963728075

The moving account by her husband of a terminally ill woman's carefully planned self-deliverance from suffering with his help. An international bestseller in five languages since 1978. Now considered a cult classic in the euthanasia field, this book led to the founding of the Hemlock Society USA in l980 and the passage of the Oregon Death With Dignity Act in l994. The writer and thinker Arthur Koestler described 'Jean's Way' as "a powerful please for voluntary euthanasia -- the individual's right to death in peace and dignity." Available in English and Spanish, paperback and eBook PDF.

Let Me Die Bedore I Wake


eBook ONLY! Paperback is OUT-OF-PRINT
$7.00 1.5MB No shipping charge on eBook PDF's 177 pages 1986 Dell
ISBN 0-440-50477-5

This book contains the true stories of persons dying of a terminal or hopeless illness and how they achieved their desired assisted death. It was written by journalist and author Derek Humphry ten years before his famous 'how-to' bestseller 'Final Exit'; nevertheless Let Me Die contains crucial drug, technical and personal information needed for successful euthanasia. Let Me Die was the main publication of the original Hemlock Society and has helped thousands to achieve the right to die in peace and dignity. It has been factually updated and extended over time in new editions. Available only through the ERGO Store. eBook PDF format only. The paperback edition is out of print.