Good Life, Good Death
Derek Humphry: reproduced from the New York Review of Books 10/92 by permission of the artist, David Levine
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Assisted-Dying Blog by ERGO/Derek Humphry

Derek Humphry interviewed in PBS Frontline episode: The Suicide Plan.

Read essays by Derek Humphry on actually helping a loved one to die and other topics at

Liberty and Death:
A manifesto concerning an individual's right to choose to die

List of frequently asked questions (FAQ) on right-to-die issues.

List of terms used in the field of euthanasia in this glossary.

Extensive bibliography of books on the right-to-die, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

20th & 21st Century Chronology of Voluntary Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide (1906-2012)

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Final Exit, Digital Edition eBook
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How To Make Your Own Inert Gas Hood Kit Recent Additions:
‘How To Make Your Own Inert Gas Hood Kit’
‘Beyond Final Exit’
Final Exit

The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying

by Derek Humphry

Revised 3rd edition
(April 2010 printing)
$17 + shipping

Euthanasia’s most famous textbook. The ultimate ‘how-to’ textbook selling worldwide since 1991.

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Good Life, Good Death: The Memoir of a Right to Die Pioneer by Derek Humphry 2017 Hardbound Edition - New Price $10 + shipping

‘Good Life, Good Death: The Memoir of a Right to Die Pioneer’
by Derek Humphry

Derek Humphry Autographed Edition only from ERGO

Jean's Way JEAN’S WAY:
A True Love Story

by Derek Humphry

2003 edition • 160 pages
• Paperback: $12 + shipping
• eBook: $6 eDoc PDF

Latest edition of the best known story on assisted suicide. A moving account of a terminallty ill woman's carefully planned self-deliverance from suffering. Read an extract at ERGO Store. More info...

Spanish language edition also available.
2007 reprint of 1978 Spanish edition • 170 pages

English and Spanish editions available in both paperback book format and downloadable eBook (PDF) format

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Is This The Day?, an excerpt from the book “Jean’s Way” by Derek Humphry.

Good Life Good Death