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"right_to_die" is an international email list (listserv) for the exchange of views on a wide range of right-to-die topics. A moderated news list about events world-wide concerning right-to-die issues, chiefly assisted suicide of the terminally and hopelessly ill. Only subscribe if you in principle support the right to choose to die when physical suffering is unbearable. Once-daily Digest only. News and information posted to the list is moderated by Derek Humphry. No spam allowed. ERGO is a USA nonprofit organization, and there is no charge for subscriptions.

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Notes about the RTD list:

Only list members can post to the list.

Postings must end with subscriber's full name and location (state or nation).

The subscriber list is not provided to anyone!

List digests are emailed in text format. No images.

Postings of Right-to-die (RTD) related events and such are accepted. All submitted information is moderated and may not get posted.

Some days are slow news days so digests are not sent out. If after subscribing to the list, you don't receive any postings for a week, please notify the list manager

The list is not a vehicle for personal correspondence to ERGO or Derek Humphry (please see ERGO contact form link).

Contact the list moderator/manager by sending email to

When submitting info to the list please edit your email subject line contents so it is specific to the topic you are posting. Whenever replying to previous digests please change the subject line in your email program. That is, whenever replying, "Re: org.opn.lists.right-to-die Digest, Vol 16, Issue 139", or similar, is NOT an appropriate subject line.

If you wish to unsubscribe from the RTD list you can do this at the RTD listinfo page.