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Final Exit on DVD
by Derek Humphry

Final Exit Video

“Final Exit:
The Video”

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Final Exit on DVD (2006) by Derek Humphry

by Derek Humphry,
founder of the Hemlock Society

45 min • English
ISBN 978-0-9768283-0-3
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Also available on VHS tape

FINAL EXIT ON DVD: (2006). For those who want detailed illustrated advice on how to bring their terminal suffering to a peaceful, nonviolent end, this video produced by journalist and author Derek Humphry, is a great companion to his book 'Final Exit'. Humphry, who founded the original Hemlock Society, and ran it for its first twelve years, provided the direction and spoken voice in this video adaptation of his famous 'how-to' book which was the #1 New York Times nonfiction bestseller in 1991, and which remains consistently popular today.

Suicide (a.k.a. rational suicide) is no longer a crime but assisted suicide can be (except in Oregon, where doctors may do it under tight guidelines,) so Humphry warns about legal matters connected with voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide. The video demonstrates there is no need for a Dr. Kevorkian, or any other doctor, if a careful and simple plan of action is followed by a person who wishes to handle their own euthanasia, self-deliverance, or assisted suicide.

The video describes the ways to mix and ingest lethal drugs -- the so-called 'peaceful pill' method -- and closely illustrates how a dying person may have an assisted death using an inert gas available in stores.

An adjunct resource to Final Exit, 3rd edition book and Final Exit Addendum (Supplement). This guidance is for the possible use by a terminally or hopelessly ill competent adult who wishes to avoid further unrelieved pain and distress.

Directed, written & narrated by Derek Humphry. 46 min length. NTSC format.
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Also available in VHS tape format

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Derek Humphry, a former writer for the Sunday Times of London, has 30 years experience in the death with dignity movement, and helped his first wife Jean to die when suffering a lingering death from breast cancer. His book on that event, 'Jean's Way' is a cult classic. Five years after her death he founded the Hemlock Society, which he ran from 1980 to 1992. (Hemlock was later merged into another organization, Compassion and Choices).

Today Humphry is the president of the Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization, a nonprofit organization based in Oregon. He is an adviser to the American group, the Final Exit Network.

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The Final Exit 3rd Edition book and the Final Exit DVD/VHS video are a matched set and complement each other. Order Final Exit, 3rd Edtion (Paperback Book).

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