For the rights of the terminal or hopelessly physically ill, competent adult.

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(Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization)

Help ERGO in its work to achieve "Choices in Dying".

Help with scientific research into self-deliverance.

Running a nonprofit organization with worldwide visibility like ERGO requires support from people like you.

ERGO Membership: minimum annual dues $25 (USD)

As one example of our work, every day ERGO responds to dozens of students who approach us for information for their school projects. And our international electronic mailing list that is sent to more than 1,000 organizations and people requires hours of work and constant expenditure on systems and software.

ERGO is now the chief financial sponsor of the New Technology Research Group (NuTech) which is trying to find legal, painless ways of self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness. (End-of-Life Choices - Hemlock as was - has from 2004 withdrawn its financial support of NuTech.) A spate of mergers is diluting the backbone of a once progressive movement. Without ERGO's help the search for the 'peaceful pill' and other ways for self-deliverance will come to a halt.

ERGO wishes to see physician-assisted suicide become lawful everywhere, but until that day some people want to know how to end it themselves. Anyway, even under a legal system not everybody qualifies for medical assistance.

ERGO will fight for that right to be in command of one's death. But it requires knowledge.

Thus we are turning ERGO from a supporters' organization to a membership organization. Annual membership fee is a minimum of $25 or whatever you might wish to pay above that.

While you are joining ERGO please also consider subscribing to ERGO's International Right-to-Die News Service mailing list (free listserv). Subscribe to the list and/or obtain more information by visiting the ERGO Right-to-Die News web page.

Please join ERGO. Thank You.

Derek Humphry
President, ERGO
March 23, 2021

ERGO membership is only $25 annually but please make an extra contribution with your membership if you can. Although your $25 annual ERGO membership is not tax-deductible, contributions above and beyond the membership fee are tax-deductible.

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2. Currently the ERGO-Store is only set-up to accept annual memberships in the pre-set amounts of either $25, $50, $75, or $100. If you would like to Join ERGO and make a contribution in a different amount or if you prefer to mail in your membership enrollment, please visit the ERGO Membership form web page.

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