For the rights of the terminal or hopelessly physically ill, competent adult.

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• The Good Euthanasia Guide (updated)

"The Good Euthanasia Guide" (Updated 2007).
by Derek Humphry

Available only as downloadable eBook PDF
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The 2007 edition provides an updated list and contact info for all the right-to-die groups in the world, what they stand for, updates regarding the big reshuffling that's been happening in American organizations, the state of assisted suicide laws around the world, chronology of historical events in euthanasia including a chapter on the future of the right-to-die movement, and updated outline of all the films produced on the subject a book list, etc.

Reuters news agency described the 2004 edition as "Inspired by guide books for the discerning consumer."

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For the complete eBook description see: 'The Good Euthanasia Guide' (PDF eBook)