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The Good Euthanasia Guide (eBook)


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The Good Euthanasia Guide:
Where, What, and Who in Choices in Dying


by Derek Humphry,
founder of the Hemlock Society &
author of Final Exit

• 2008 edition • Norris Lane Press
• eBook PDF format • 715KB • 220 pages
• eBook ISBN 978-0-9637280-4-3 / 0-9637280-4-0
• Paperback ISBN 978-0-9768283-1-0 / 0-9768283-1-6
• Price: $10.00 • No shipping charge for eBooks

NOTE: This a downloadable eBook PDF. The printed paperback version of this same book is available through ERGO-Store at The Good Euthanasia Guide (paperback)

The Good Euthanasia Guide (2008) Book Description:

Updated 2008 edition of this unique euthanasia desk reference book for those who wish to know more about common sense choices in dying at the end of life.

A companion book to the New York Times bestselling ‘how-to-do-it-yourself’ "Final Exit", the "The Good Euthanasia Guide" is a 'where-to' and 'why' book containing 220 pages of vital, diverse information about self-deliverance, assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia. "The Good Euthanasia Guide" is inspired by the likes of ‘where-to’ books such as "The Good Restaurant Guide" and "Good Hotel Guide."

Summary of content:

• Chronicle of events in the right-to-die sphere dating from 1906 to 2008. This chronicle compiled by author Derek Humphry will not be found anywhere else. It is an essential for any serious student of euthanasia.

• Constructive analysis of the work done in the 1990s by Dr. Jack Kevorkian in helping those who wanted suicide to end their suffering.

• How the Hemlock Society came to abrupt end in a take-over after 23 years and the future of the right-to-die movement is reported upon.

• An annotated list of every right-to-die group in the world.

• Descriptions of the assisted suicide laws in almost every country. Describes in detail how aid-in-dying laws are functioning in the Netherlands, Belgium and Oregon.

• Details about the remarkable work done by Dignitas and EXIT in Switzerland are reported.

• Filmography, listing every major movie and TV film which involves death with dignity issues.

• Bibliography of the most important books on the subject.

Reuters news agency wrote about this book: “Inspired by guide books for the discerning customer.”