For the rights of the terminal or hopelessly physically ill, competent adult.

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Final Exit ‘Digital Edition’ v.3.2 (eBook)


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Final Exit ‘Digital Edition’ v.3.2 (eBook)
The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance
and Assisted Suicide for the Dying

by Derek Humphry,
founder of the Hemlock Society

• v.3.2 - Revised 3rd edition/25th Anniversary Edition
• eBook PDF • 900KB • 186 pages
• eBook ISBN 978-0-9637280-6-7
• Price: $17.00 • No shipping charges for eBooks
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Version 3.2 of Final Exit 2016 (25th Anniversary Edition) eBook is updated to include an alternative new lethal drug cocktail if barbiturates are unavailable or too expensive, updated info on inert gas techniques, and updated information on assisted suicide laws and Swiss organizations.

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Final Exit Digital Edition eBook Description:

The most famous textbook in euthanasia and assisted suicide now available in eBook format. Includes unique step-by-step language for a competent adult who is terminally or hopelessly ill and wishing to bring their life to a peaceful, non-violent end. This can be achieved with or without a doctor. Drug dosages and inert gas techniques are described and illustrated.

Much the same methods are used by Dignitas in Switzerland, and the right to die groups in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Colombia, and countries where euthanasia laws have been passed. (Except for Switzerland, these laws can only be used by residents, under strict guidelines.) The American states of Oregon, Washington, Vermont and California have voted for physician-assisted suicide -- but only for its residents who are competent adults and end-stage terminally ill.

‘Final Exit’ also outlines the legal complications connected with dying, death, hastened death, euthanasia laws, suicide, Living Wills and Advance Directives. The family aspect is discussed (‘Whom to you tell?’) and the advisability of a ‘suicide note’ (with sample) is addressed. The problems with life insurance are clarified. The difficult issues of double suicide and hastened death for persons with disabilities are frankly discussed.

Both the ‘Final Exit’ paperback and this 2016 Digital Edition ebook have been much updated from the earlier editions of the paperback, which dates from 1991 when it was a Number One Bestseller on the New York Times nonfiction list. For instance, the first and second editions did not contain the helium gas technique now used by hundreds of people for their own euthanasia. The new edition also includes new drug dosages plus updated guidance on plastic bag and other techniques. Appendices references include: glossary of terms connected with dying; alternative euphemistic terms for assisted dying and death.

The digital edition of ‘Final Exit’ contains a clearly laid out, and easy to use Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, which the reader is strongly encouraged to print and complete. The tragic lessons of Terri Schiavo’s fourteen long years trapped in a persistent vegetative state, and the ugly fight over her fate, must not be lost on us.

If you are asking the question ‘what is assisted suicide?’ or ‘what is euthanasia and assisted death?’ then this exit book provides the clearest answers. There is, as yet, no simple ‘peaceful pill’ for self euthanasia, and law reform is lagging behind public opinion, so until then ‘Final Exit’ is the solution. But it takes research and planning by you.

Read an excerpt from ‘Final Exit’ 3rd edition.

See what this eBook is all about. View this sample PDF containing several ‘Final Exit’ page excerpts, the table of contents and author biography.

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WARNING - Party Balloon helium tanks

If any size of tank (30 or 50-balloon) has the words "HELIUM/AIR" then these are not effective for self-deliverance. Do not use. Since 2015 the manufacturer of party balloon kits is diluting helium tanks with 20% air because of world shortage of helium. This volume change is clearly labeled on the tank and its box. So get pure helium from a local gas supplier or switch to nitrogen.

The ‘Final Exit, Digital Edition’ and the Final Exit DVD video are a matched set and complement each other.

‘Final Exit, 3rd edition’ is also available in paperback format here. When the Final Exit paperback is purchased from ERGO Bookstore (nowhere else) a printed Addendum providing the 2016 updates which are included in the Digital Edition is auto added to your order.

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The author, Derek Humphry, who has 35 years experience in the death with dignity movement, in 1975 helped his first wife Jean to die when suffering a lingering death from breast cancer. His book on that event, ‘Jean’s Way’ is a cult classic. Five years after her death he founded the Hemlock Society, which he ran from 1980 to 1992. (Hemlock was later merged into another organization, Compassion and Choices.)

Today Humphry runs the Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization (ERGO), a nonprofit organization based in Oregon which distributes quality literature on choices in dying. He is a policy adviser to the American group, the Final Exit Network, and to the World Federation of Right to Die Societies, of which he was president in 1988-90. A citizen of both the UK and USA, Humphry lives near Eugene, Oregon.