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Good Life, Good Death (hardcover)



Good Life, Good Death (hardcover)

The Memoir of a Right to Die Pioneer

by Derek Humphry
Founder of the Hemlock Society &
Author of Final Exit

Foreword by Stephen Jamison

Hardcover published February 2017. Autographed edition direct from ERGO.

• Hardcover: 352 pages w/ illustrations
• Publisher: Carrel Books
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 1631440667
• ISBN-13: 978-1631440663
• $20 + shipping
• Not available as an eBook from ERGO

Good Life, Good Death Book Description:

Now comes the fascinating life story of Derek Humphry, founder of the Hemlock Society USA, and a leader for 40 years of the right-to-die movement. In his well-known free-flowing style, Derek relates his turbulent childhood, his wartime years in England, and how his first wife, Jean, arranged her own time and manner of death when terminally ill. This led him to pioneering changes in attitudes and ways to assisted dying and starting law reform to make this medically possible. Derek wrote the bestselling books ‘Jean’s Way’ and ‘Final Exit’ which changed public attitudes to euthanasia. Each book provoked a storm of controversy.
* * *

"Good Life, Good Death is a charming and moving book, effortlessly evoking the tough world of post-war journalism and the tireless advocacy efforts that characterised the second half of Humphry's career." --The Lancet Oncology

* * *